Sunday Reflections — The path of surrender

This week, Sunday Reflections takes you on the path of surrender:

“The moment of surrender is not when life is over. It’s when it begins.” ~ Marianne Williamson

“Surrender comes when you no longer ask, Why is this happening to me?” ~ Eckhart Tolle

“Surrender is a gift that you can give yourself. It’s an act of faith. It’s saying that even though I can’t see where this river is flowing, I trust it will take me in the right direction.” ~ Debbie Ford

“What do you have to surrender? A drop has to dissolve into the ocean to become the ocean. And a drop cannot be greater than the ocean, can it? So what is the surrendering? It is the surrendering of our conditioning, of our ego and the artificial barriers we have built around us.” ~ Nirmala Srivastava

“You know, control is an illusion… we’re able to trick ourselves into believing that we’re in control of any of this. But we’re not, and the paradox, for me, of surrender is how relaxing it is. Nobody ever wants to surrender, because nobody wants to lose control, but if you recognize that you never had control, all you ever had was anxiety, and then you let go of the myth of control. Surrender means letting go of something you never even had. So there’s an awakening that’s happening right now, where what’s happening is not that you’re losing control. What’s happening is that, for the first time, you’re noticing that you never had it.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

“Surrender is the quantum leap from mind to no-mind, from ego to egolessness. And in a single step the whole journey is contained…One moment you were in darkness and the next moment all is light. All that is needed is to put the ego aside.” ~ Rajneesh

“To some people, surrender may have negative connotations, implying defeat, giving up, failing to rise to the challenges of life, becoming lethargic, and so on. True surrender, however, is something entirely different. It does not mean to passively put up with whatever situation you find yourself in and to do nothing about it. Nor does it mean to cease making plans or initiating positive action. Surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of yielding to rather than opposing the flow of life.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

“Surrender means accepting this moment, this body, and this life with open arms. Surrender involves getting out of your own way and living in accord with a higher will, expressed as the wisdom of the heart. Far more than passive acceptance, surrender uses every challenge as a means of spiritual growth and expanded awareness.” ~ Dan Millman

“Surrender allows you to merge in your own eternal being.” ~ Mooji

“In silent surrender there is bliss and prayer without request or demand. There is no doer, experiencer, lover or beloved. There is only a divine current. You see that the very act of welcoming is itself the solution to the problem and the action which follows your comprehension is very straightforward. When you become familiar with the act of surrender, truth will solicit you unsought.” ~ Jean Klein



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Rajeev Varma

Rajeev Varma


Life coach, writer and editor. Deeply interested in spirituality, Rajeev reflects and writes on everyday life issues